Corby’s Song for Kwon’s iPhone

Corby’s Song for Kwon’s iPhone, video, 2010, 14 minutes

This video originated from a recorded Skype conversation in which my friend, HaeAhn Kwon, read the Buddhist Heart Sutra aloud to me the night before I was leaving for a trip to Amsterdam. The Heart Sutra makes note of form and emptiness–the video became an expansion of this concept in relation to personal connections built, lost, and/or transformed due primarily to distances and how technology affects these connections. The video takes on various forms that substitute for pre-existing forms (i.e. television, time-telling devices, specified aspect ratios, America, etc.) As each form reaches the verge of establishment, it collapses into something else. The video is also meant as a tribute to the all too often unmentionable power of friendship and love to overcome these pre-existing forms in order to create new ones.