Driving the bus
very tired
very tired.
Listen to the radio
very tired.
Shit man
Can’t believe you’re here’n I ain’t seen your face yet.
I want to be Mexican and make love in this peony-colored church.
Pop balloons with pins and listen to them echo in the pews.
Test score answers
Three bottles of water and two chairs.
Place the chair down on its back.
Now there’s a site for sore eyes.
Screaming help me help me
I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.
Take advantage of the situation.
Rape the chair.
This is your life
And your health
And your sanity
Forty thousand dollars extra.
You may not understand,
This is how it goes here.
Cuz I’m not stupid,
jumping through hoops,
going down to the pit.
He needs to do that.
But his ego.
Alright, quiet down now,
let’s get started.
Take out your manuals
and look at form D-308.
This is an example of what might happen
when you’re out in the field.
This is a multi-tiered operation
And I slept so good last night.